Free Printable Vegetable Bingo: an easy way to teach food groups & nutrition (2024)

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This printable vegetable bingo game is a fun way to teach your child or students about vegetables, nutrition, food groups, and more! Grab from free printable vegetable bingo boards for your family or pick up a classroom set of vegetable bingo printables.

These vegetable bingo cards feature 30 different vegetables. The images are culinary vegetables (plus mushrooms), not botanical vegetables. (Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, and several other popular vegetables are botanical fruits.)

Although the veggies are labeled, reading is not required to play this vegetable bingo game. You can even use this vegetable bingo with preschoolers and older toddlers! My daughter (33 months at the time of writing) loves to play picture bingo as a matching game using the calling card tiles.

However you chose to use your vegetable bingo PDFs, I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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How to play vegetable picture bingo

This post includes affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission on purchases made through links at no additional cost to you.

Playing picture bingo is fun and easy:

  • Grab your PDF downloads (further down the post)
  • Print the desired number of bingo cards and the call cards at the back. Do not cut up a card to use as call cards because each card does not contain every possible image.
    • I always print bingo boards on presentation paper, a heavyweight paper with a special coating for crisp, vibrant images. If I’m going to use my colored ink, I want the cards to look their best!
  • Laminate your bingo boards and calling cards before cutting the cards out. This is optional, but highly recommended!
  • Cut the call cards apart. I’ve used this paper trimmer for years and it’s still going strong.
  • Place the tiles in a bowl and draw them one at a time. Read out the vegetable name and show the image around. Players mark the image if it appears on their card.
  • The first player to get 5 in a straight line or on the diagonal shouts “bingo!” to win.

When you laminate the bingo boards, you can use dry or wet erase markers to mark off the cards.

For an added fine motor challenge, have your child use small manipulative like large buttons, pompoms, or counting bears to mark their cards. To really up the challenge, have them use tongs to place the manipulatives.

As mentioned above, this game can also be played as solitaire. Have your child match the call cards to the bingo board. Here you can see my daughter playing a matching game with her summer bingo card:

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Printable garden bingo boards

Like all free printables on The Artisan Life, these bingo cards are for personal and single classroom use. You are welcome to print and use them as many times as you’d like with your own children, personal classroom, Scout troop, therapy clients, etc.

You are not licensed to alter, resell, or redistribute the files. Please just refer family and coworkers to this page so they can download their own copies!

There are four sets of garden bingo cards to pick from:

  • Vegetable bingo for a large group (50 boards)
  • Classroom set of veggie bingo cards (25 cards)
  • Free printable set of 10 vegetable bingo PDFs
  • 4 free printable vegetable bingo cards

All sets are unique and can be combined. So, for example, if you need 30 cards you can combine the sets of 25 and 10 instead of buying the package with 50 boards. Just keep scrolling until you find the set(s) you need!

Vegetable bingo boards for a large group – 50

This set of 50 vegetable bingo boards is available by popular demand! It’s ideal for larger gatherings, school harvest festivals, and even for nursing home game nights. It’s available for a very low price – less than 10 cents a card.

Classroom set of vegetable bingo cards

This classroom set of 25 veggie bingo cards is perfect for most classrooms. If you need a few extra boards, grab one of the free sets below!

Free printable set of 10 garden bingo cards

The set of 10 bingo cards is always the most popular. It’s great for larger families and smaller groups. This set is free – just let me know where to email your PDF by filling out the form below the preview image.

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4 garden bingo card printables

This set of 4 veggie bingo cards is completely free with no email address required. Simply follow the link (located below the preview image) to get your file from Dropbox.

Free Printable Vegetable Bingo: an easy way to teach food groups & nutrition (16)

Download 4 free vegetable bingo boards here

Don’t lose track of these bingo boards – Pin them to your kids activities board now!

Free Printable Vegetable Bingo: an easy way to teach food groups & nutrition (17)

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Free Printable Vegetable Bingo: an easy way to teach food groups & nutrition (2024)


How do you play nutrition bingo? ›

Each time you hear me call a food on your card, mark it with a token. Your goal is to get five in a row, either up and down or across, or even diagonally. When you get five in a row, call out “Bingo!” 3.

How do you make a bingo game for kids? ›

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How do you play fruit bingo? ›

Designate someone to draw one of the cards from the bingo deck of cards – one at a time. After a card is selected, the person will announce the fruit they drew. Each player will place a bingo chip on top of that fruit if they have it on their card. The first person to have four bingo chips in a row wins the game.

How do you make a Thanksgiving bingo? ›

How to Set-Up the Thanksgiving Bingo
  1. Cut out the calling cards and place them in a bowl or jar for selecting.
  2. Cut out the bingo cards. ...
  3. Use a candy or non-candy item as markers. ...
  4. When calling out the images – you can describe the image or show the picture. ...
  5. You can play for a line (5 in a row) or a full card.
Nov 2, 2020

What is nutrition BINGO? ›

Food Group Bingo - Nutrition Education Food Group Bingo is a fun and interactive activity that can be used to build vocabulary, teach students about balanced nutrition and healthy eating habits and to evaluate student understanding of food-related concepts.

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What are the different bingo patterns? ›

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  • 1 Line. This is one of the three standard bingo patterns and the easiest to achieve. ...
  • 2 Lines. Just as with 1 line, the 2 lines pattern is used in every game of bingo. ...
  • Full House. ...
  • Four Corners. ...
  • Letters and Numbers. ...
  • Top Middle Bottom Line. ...
  • Outside Edge. ...
  • Any Four Numbers.

What is Turkey bingo? ›

That's right… it's Turkey Bingo! Attendees play Bingo for a chance to win a turkey for their Thanksgiving feast! Bingo, beer, and turkeys… it doesn't get much better than this! Get there early… because seats go fast!

How do you play Thanksgiving charades? ›

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Once a topic has been chosen, the player has to act it out without saying a word. The other players will have to guess what is being acted out. The first person to guess correctly prior to the timer going off will be the next one to act out another topic.

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