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by Dana Sandonato//July 15, 2022 (updated May 23, 2023)

Sardine lovers, rejoice! We’ve got 25 canned sardine recipes that will let you enjoy your favorite fillets morning, day, and night.

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Sardines Are Tiny, but Mighty!

It’s no secret that oily fish are a best choice when it comes to heart health—and canned sardines are nutritional powerhouses!

They’re high in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent heart disease thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. They can also reduce the risk of blood clots and help to lower blood pressure.

A lot of canned sardine fanatics are happy to eat them straight out of the can with some crackers, and that’s cool.

But in an attempt to boast how versatile these little fillets are, we’ve collected 25 canned sardine recipes that will give you ideas for any time of the day.

4 Tasty Ways to Start Your Day With Canned Sardines.

  • Brunch Bagel with Sardines. This bagel is smothered with whipped cream cheese, then topped with crisp veggies and canned Sardines. Healthy, wholesome, and delectable!
  • Breakfast Egg and Tomato Sardine Sandwich. Who doesn’t love a breakfast sandwich? This one is eggy and drippy and packed with Omega-3s.
  • Easy Fisherman’s Eggs. These Easy Fisherman’s Eggs are protein-packed thanks to canned sardines, eggs, and fresh veggies. Serve them with arugula and toast for a complete breakfast or brunch!
  • Fisherman’s Huevos Rancheros. This recipe takes the concept of Fisherman’s Eggs and marries it with the beloved huevos rancheros, and it’s a WIN.

Canned Sardine Recipes (2)

5 Glorious Canned Sardine Lunches That Serve as a Fab Pick-Me-Up.

  • Green Goddess Pita with Sardines. This pita is super filling and refreshing with an easy homespun Green Goddess dressing you’ll CRAVE.
  • Cheddar Jalapeño Gourmet Grilled Cheese with Sardines. Because grown ups like grilled cheese sandwiches, too! This one is ooey gooey perfection with a little kick from the jalapeños.
  • Greek Pita with Sardines. All of the Greek flavors we love rolled up into a wholesome and satisfying pita with canned sardines.
  • Spicy Tostadas with Sardines. Crispy corn tortillas are topped with refried beans, quick-pickled onions, juicy tomatoes, cotija cheese, and brisling sardines that have been packed with punchy jalapeño peppers.
  • Spicy Sardine Salad Sandwich. Tuna salad can take a backseat for a while, because these sardine salad sandwiches are DELISH.

Canned Sardine Recipes (3)

8 Ways to Put Canned Sardines on Your Dinner Table.

  • Instant Pot Pesto Pasta with Sardines. A quick and simple 15-minute pasta packed with nutrients! It’s the perfect weeknight fix.
  • Seafood Stuffed Peppers with Sardines. These low carb seafood stuffed peppers are brimming with fragrant basmati rice, sautéed veggies, meaty shrimp, and sardines in tomato sauce.
  • Tex Mex Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Sardines. Tex Mex Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Sardines give you a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and Omega-3s.
  • Instant Pot Spanish Rice with Sardines. Rice is pressure cooked in broth with tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, and a blend of aromatic spices. Once the rice is ready, fold in some delicious sardines for protein.
  • Easy Fish Tacos with Sardines. This recipe is much healthier than your usual deep-fried fish tacos! There’s no cooking required and it’s ready in minutes.
  • Dirty Rice with Sardines. Get your tastebuds ready: this Dirty Rice is a delicious spin on the classic Louisiana dish with shrimp and meaty sardine fillets.
  • Lemon Pepper Pasta with Sardines. Bright and lemony is the name of the game here. This 30-minute pasta is tossed with garlic, lemon juice, arugula, and peppery sardines.
  • Crispy Fish Po’Boy Sandwiches. These Crispy Fish Po’boy Sandwiches are slathered with lemon tarragon mayo and stuffed with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and homemade fish cakes made from boneless and skinless sardines.

Canned Sardine Recipes (4)

8 Canned Sardine Appetizers Made to Share.

  • Greens and Beans with Sardines. Greens and Beans, but make it with an extra punch of protein!
  • Lemon and Dill Pinwheel Sandwiches with Sardines. These brightly flavored pinwheel sandwiches bring sardines to a whole new level.
  • Quick Tomato Confit on Toasts with Sardines. Easy peasy toasts with tomato confit topped with sardines become a wholesome and nutritious starter.
  • Greek Pinwheels with Sardines. A different kind of pinwheel! These are buttery and golden and filled with Greek flavors with pesto, olives, pine nuts, feta, and Mediterranean-style canned sardines!
  • Spring Snap Pea and Radish Canapés with Sardines. Fresh baguette slices with lemony anchovy butter and topped with crisp radishes, sweet peas, tender brisling sardines, and fresh dill for the perfect spring appetizer.
  • Easy Stuffed Mushrooms with Spicy Sardines. Plump mushroom caps stuffed with garlic, cream cheese, pickled jalapeños, and sardines, and topped with a crumby coating and baked to golden perfection.
  • Bang Bang Fish Sliders. These sweet and spicy Bang Bang Fish Sliders are everything you love about Bang Bang Fish Tacos in tiny burger form!
  • Crispy Fish Croquettes. Golden crispy fish croquettes made up with canned sardines. Serve them with a tangy mustard sauce for a little extra oomph!

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    42 Comments on “25 Tasty Canned Sardine Recipes”

  1. AprilReply

    Wow! I love sardines and had NO idea of being able to put them in such recipes!! I have several bookmarked to try very soon; especially the toasted cheese and the lemon pasta! Thank you

    • Killing ThymeReply

      I hope you love them, April! Keep me posted on what you try :)

  2. NatashaReply

    I love all the options. I grew up just eating them with crackers with my Jamaican grandfather. I tried the sardine lemon pasta and it was delicious! So bright! I look forward to experimenting with these other recipes!

    • Killing ThymeReply

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the pasta! I love the memories of eating them with your grandfather. Nothing beats a food that invokes memories!

    • Killing ThymeReply

      They’re SO good! One of my faves.

  3. TaraReply

    Such a wonderful collection of recipes to use canned sardines! I especially love the Brunch Bagel with Sardines and Lemon Pepper Pasta with Sardines.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      That bagel is seriously one of my favorites :)

  4. DanniiReply

    So much great choice here. I can’t wait to try them.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Thank you!

  5. WandaReply

    So many options for using sardines and several I have never thought to try before! Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • Killing ThymeReply

      You’re so welcome!

  6. Christina MorrisReply

    That pita looks so delicious! I can’t wait to try it!

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  7. IlyaReply

    I’ve made the green goddess pita and it was unbelievable. Bookmarked this list so I can make more. You have a talent with sardines!

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Aw, thanks so much, Ilya!

  8. AdrianneReply

    Tiny but mighty…I love it! Your photos are beautiful and I am craving sardines now. The Spanish rice and sardines is one that I would like to try, it sounds full of flavour. Thanks for sharing.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Thanks so much, Adrianne! That one has gotten quite a bit of love, so it would be a great one to start with. Let me know if you try it!

  9. Seema SriramReply

    This is a wonderfully comprehensive list of recipes to try with canned sardines. I am sure each one will turn out as good as in the pictures too.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Thank you!

  10. KathleenReply

    I had no idea you could do so much with canned sardines. looking forward to trying these.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      I hope you find something you enjoy! Keep me posted.

  11. AnjaliReply

    This is such a helpful guide to using canned sardines! I didn’t know there were so many different ways to use them in cooking – can’t wait to try these soon!

    • Killing ThymeReply

      They are surprisingly versatile!

  12. BarbReply

    I want to try a bunch of these!

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Please let me know if you do!

  13. ChrisReply

    So many ways to use Sardines. Can’t wait to try them all out. I feel you can also try them out with canned tuna.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Yes! Absolutely you can.

  14. Leila JeanReply

    This is a great compilation. I’m considered the weirdo in my family and loooooove sardines. It’s awesome to see them used in so many different ways.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Sardines are a miss with so many people! Happy you’ve found this collection :)

  15. TraciReply

    You always kill it with the sardines, girl! What a delicious lineup! Thanks so much for sharing another winner :)

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Aw, thanks so much, Traci!

  16. CathleenReply

    I love sardines!! This is the roundup that I needed! Thank you so much for sharing, I am definitely going to be making a lot of these recipes :)

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Great to hear!

  17. RoxanaReply

    Wow, I love this. So many different ways to use sardines. We always have this and its nice to have recipes to try variations.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Hope it brings you inspiration!

  18. AndreaReply

    I’m in awe with this list. I can’t wait to get started making these. They all sound fantastic.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Thank you!

  19. AndreaReply

    I’ve never made anything with sardines before but these look so good! I can’t wait to try one.

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Keep me posted!

  20. Tayler RossReply

    We always have a can of sardines in the pantry, so I’m so glad I’ve happened upon this list! It will be great when I don’t have anything ready for dinner!

    • Killing ThymeReply

      Good luck! Let me know what you try :)

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